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Girl Meets Dirt

At Girl Meets Dirt, we make single-varietal preserves with heritage fruit, to celebrate this special terroir (the 'girl' in our logo holds the native Orcas pear-discovered growing wild on Orcas). The legacy of orchards in the San Juan Islands and their capacity to feed this community for over 135 years is our inspiration. To keep the agricultural history alive we steward island orchards with the most deeply-rooted trees, offering a depth of taste not found in commercially-grown fruits.

Megababe Beauty

We make clean, cute body care products that really work to keep you comfy. Let’s join together to tackle “taboo” body issues and be more comfortable and confident! Clean, innovate and vegan. 

Barred Woods Maple

Barred Woods was founded as a collaborative partnership among four friends who share a passion for Vermont, making maple syrup, and preserving our forests. Along with syrup, we also make high quality maple products, such as candy, sugars and granolas. Our mission is 'Producing high quality maple syrup while maintaining a healthy forest and environment for wildlife.'

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